Real Anti-Bullying


Real Anti-Bullying.


Real Anti-Bullying



In recent time there is extra effort being put into the “Anti-bullying” campaign, and I am glad to see that. I myself would very much like to see bullying stopped. However, I do think we are going about it the wrong way.

“But we have all these ads and awareness campaigns in place, what else can we do?” you might ask. Well, I understand that prevention is better than a cure, but what if the disease is already here. In this case, it is.

We seem to have a tunnel vision approach to deal with bullying. We often look at addressing the problem from the giving end. Meaning, we target the bullies, but, what about the bullied? How do we deal with them? How do we protect our children from being bullied? The truth of the matter is, we actually can’t. If a bully decides to target you or your child, there is little to nothing that can be done. At some point in your life you WILL be bullied. 

Let’s reason this out. So your child or you yourself is being bullied, you report it to the authorities, whether it be the teacher, principal, police, the army or the Jedi council. The bully is then punished. He/she is put in detention, suspended, expelled, charged etc. Now what? Now, you have someone who might have picked on you for no reason with new found reason to pick on you. Then the vicious cycle continues, creating an angrier bully every time. “How do I deal with this? What ever shall I do?” you might ask. Well I’ve thought up a few things that might help.

  1. Wake up. “What in the world is he talking about?” We need to wake up. Become aware of something that you and I might take for granted. EVERYBODY DOES NOT LIKE YOU.

    To expect that is preparing yourself for very difficult life experiences. We take this for granted and step into the world naively. We fail to realize this and feed our children subconsciously with the notion that the world is just waiting for our arrival and everything will go their way. Then comes our bully (we’ll call him Derp for now) and rearranges their fantasy world and they weren’t ready. Now they’re depressed and hurt and can do nothing about it.

    Parents, Think about it, even in your adult life, there is a superior that just has it out for you right? Is this person not a bully because they are grown? Nope, it’s the same thing. But why isn’t there greater emphasis placed on the prevention of this kind of bullying? Simply because, it’s expected. Which brings me to my next step.

  2. Prepare. “Here he goes saying crazy stuff again *rolls eyes* “, before you close this page just hear me out. Prepare yourself and your child for… well… life. That’s what it is, life. After becoming aware of the fact that not everyone will like you. You need to prepare yourself for the actions of these people.

    A kid in school doesn’t like you. So what? Does this change where the sun rises from in the morning? I don’t think so. Does it make you less valuable than you are? NO! Parents, if you prepare your children for the road ahead, instilling in them that the world is not going to bend to fit their fancy and that most things in life will go against you. Bullying will not be a problem.

    I was bullied throughout my school life, but did that turn me into a depressed, sad, irritable teen? Nope. “Are you even normal?” Yes I am. But i understood from an early age, thanks to my parents, that there will be opposition throughout life. I was bullied by kids twice my size and age. I did make it though. We have to understand that it’s up to us to be what we will be.

  3. Avoid. This is simple. Avoid Derp. You know that Derp sits at that table everyday. Just simply avoid going in that direction if you can. It’s not running away. If you get cut by a knife that’s in the same place everyday, will you still go in that direction? I think not. So, try to avoid being in contact with Derp.

  4. LIVE!!!!! Yes, i know. More weird advice. But hear me out. It’s YOUR life, ENJOY IT! “But Derp is interfering with my daily life.” That’s just a part of your life that’s not in your favor. Life does that sometimes. Live your life like it’s yours. Do the things you like to do, go the places you like to go. “But Derp might be there.” Find other things, hobbies. Keep yourself happy, because Derp is living his.

    Do you think it’s fair to you that Derp is ruining your life and enjoy his? What about your life huh? Wait, read that again. “What. about. YOUR LIFE” *gasp* YES! It’s your life!! Great news isn’t it!?!? Live your life. you deserve to be happy even though the world is against you. But it’s your responsibility to make yourself happy. Go ahead, treat yourself.

I hope this was at the least a bit helpful to those out there being or who were bullied. it’s not fair, but it’s life. Remember, It’s okay to be unorthodox. ^_^

Just a thought


Been going back and forth in a relationship for a while now only to realize, I’ve been doing it wrong. I’ve been thinking that I can make it work by doing things, answering every call, listening to every word etc. etc. But I overlooked one crucial thing. Sharing. “Why sharing?” You may ask. Well, being in a relationship I had to share time, my money, my heart, my mind and just about everything i could think of. But I neglected one thing. I had to share the responsibility. I had to share the responsibility of being in a relationship. WE had to share the responsibility. We had to meet each other half way and sometimes carry each other over the ditches. Hope this could be of use to you. Don’t take it all upon yourself, you’re not in it alone. If you are, then you’re better off single. 😉

Arguing 101



There are three steps in arguing:
1. Start
2. Prolong
3. End

The first step is the start an argument with a lady or woman for that matter, the best way is to insult her. eg. “AY! YO! YO MOBY!! MOBY DICK!!!”(for the less experienced agrument starters). If she is actually fat u do the opposite but u do it sarcastically “wooooooowww u look soooooooo slim.”
This will cause her to snap. She is going to be on you like stink on a skunk. Now, if she walks away from all that, the sure way to get her started is to remind her of her own dark secret (provided that you know…if not.. make it up) eg “YOU LOST YOUR VIRGINITY WHEN WERE 12!!!” (you can now add an insult) “YOU WENCH!!!! Now if u do not know how to prolong the argument after she calls you a bitch, gay or Asian then you r in deep doodoo and if she is gangster (in which case you shouldn’t have messed with in the 1st place) be prepared to run.

The second step is the hardest which is prolonging.To prolong an argument u have to be quick but slow. this means that u have to have a pre-formulated list of comebacks but you don’t let them out too fast lest you catch her off guard and she wont have anything to say(which happens kinda rarely)thus ending the argument.So, eg she says “MOBY DICK TO YOUR MOMS!!!!” u have to wait for at least 3 seconds and then reply ” YOUR BOOBS SAG MORE THAN WEEZY’S JEANS!” then she would probably say ” like your nut sack!” then u wait the 3 seconds and then reply “the one you were acquainted with lastnight!!”……etc etc you get the point. So, remember, fast to think calculative to reply.

The Ending is a bit tricky, but once you’ve done it once it’ll stick. To successfully end an argument you have to randomly shout out something. For example, she says “you have a small —–!”, you reply ” the sun is filled with gas!!!”-but be aware that you don’t stick around after you say this- after you’ve shouted out the random phrase, you then walk away. Staying within the danger zone will give rise to a possible comeback.

I wrote this note to benefit all those persons in relationships out there. Because after a heated argument the make up is sweeeet!!!!(unless one of you dies)

Happy Argument.